These are my own tips and settings I like for my photography. I use a canon eos 600D and sigma lensesscratching my own itch and writing about design, courage, and lack thereof. I also like Disney, dogs, and looking up.

I'm currently working in San Francisco for Dropbox as a Designer. If you want to, you can view and download my resumè.

I talk about the things I love (and ”more often" the things I hate) on Twitter. I publish my most recent works-in-progress for critique on Dribbble. I write code and put it on GitHub. Nothing out of the ordinary.

I'm marrying a talented artist and animator named Emily quite soon. We're both from Manchester, UK. She likes horror movies. I do not.

If you want to have a chat, you can always email me at

One last thing; the source code for my entire site is available to view over on GitHub. Take a look, suggest improvements, and stay curious.