UNI SP4 Study Period 4 2014

NET Assignment 1

Internet Studies 102 : The Internet and Everyday Life

Assignment 1: Questions and Answers

In Brief

This assignment is worth 10%. Each of the six topics covered in the first four weeks has a Question for this assignment. You should choose your best three answers and submit them for this assignment. Each answer should be a paragraph in length. The maximum total word length for the assignment (excluding your reference list) is 600 words.

Please refer to the calendar in your Unit Outline for the assignment due date.

This, and subsequent assignments, is to be submitted via the Blackboard-Turnitin assignment upload tool before the due time.
Please answer the following questions. You need to submit your three best answers for this assignment.
  1. How has the move from an analogue to digital medium changed the distribution and consumption of music?

  2. What are the differences that Brooks observes between gaming in Korea and the United States? How does this compare to your experience of gaming?

  3. Pascoe describes the use of technology by young adults as part of their romantic lives in a way that it is integrated into their everyday lives. Do you think the use of online dating sites can also be considered as a normal part of everyday life? Why or why not?

  4. How, if at all, has the relationship between Doctor and patient been affected by the rise in the use of the Internet in relationship to people’s health in everyday life?

  5. What is the difference between religion online and online religion? Do either of these have an impact on your everyday life or those around you?

  6. In what ways has the Internet changed the relationship between politicians and the citizens they govern.

You must clearly indicate all references and sources for the material informing your answers. Any material you refer to from written sources, online, or anywhere must be clearly indicated; all of your references should follow the APA style of citation. Your reference list does not count towards your word count.

This is a link to the library’s guide to the APA referencing system (6th Edition) http://libguides.library.curtin.edu.au/content.php?pid=141214&sid=1335391

Some of these questions could be answered as long essays however for this assignment the word length averages out to 200 words for each answer, which requires you to answer each question concisely. One of the challenges of short word-lengths is making sure you avoid any unnecessary material and get straight to your main points. Since the overall assignment is worth 10 marks, this means that each question is worth approximately 3 marks. It follows that for each question there are (at least) three full and distinct points you should be making. Since there is probably a lot more than three points possible for each question, you need to select what you think are the most important points. Being clear and concise is the key to doing well in this assignment.


To encourage you to reflect on your learning from Module 1

To explore different experiences of the Internet as part of everyday life

Criteria for Assessment

You will be marked according to how well you:

1.Concisely and comprehensively answer each question. 2.Present answers clearly 3.Follow conventions of referencing (APA), grammar and expression appropriate for an academic writing 4.Show how the Internet and people’s everyday lives are interconnected. 5.Show the similarities and differences in the way the Internet is experienced.

All university work needs to indicate clearly, and using a set format to do so, whenever another source is being used. This includes: using the wording of another person, paraphrasing or drawing on information and ideas from another source (even if reworded). Also review the unit outline regarding university policies around assessment.

Drafts and Notes