UNI SP4 Study Period 4 2014

NET Assignment 2

worth: 10%

Internet Studies 102 : The Internet and Everyday Life

Assignment 2: Essay Plan

In Brief:

This is a 500-700 word essay plan worth 10% on ‘Analysing the Internet and everyday life’.

This, and subsequent assignments, is to be submitted via the Blackboard assignment upload tool before the due time.


For this piece of assessment, you are to write a 500-700 word plan of the final essay. Your essay plan needs to demonstrate that you have begun your research, reading and thinking for your final essay. Your plan should include:

  • A one-sentence thesis statement presenting your argument. You may also include as an option, an introductory statement which outlines your proposed argument/approach to the essay
  • an outline of the main body of the essay, which will indicate what each section of the essay will address (a full sentence in a dot point for each section). Whenever possible, include in-text citations to indicate how you will support/develop each point.
  • draft of one paragraph out of the body of your essay, that is, an expansion of one of the paragraphs in a section.
  • list of the best 5 scholarly sources you have found which relate to your topic (APA style). It is a given you should draw on the readings of the unit; the ones listed here are ones you found independently.

An example and template is available here. Your aim is to provide a concise and clear document to your tutor that you can draw upon when you draft your essay as well as provide sufficient detail for your tutor to give you feedback and advice usefully. Do not provide a draft, except for that one paragraph - it should be an easy-to-scan outline laying out the structure of the essay. If the deadline is near and you can’t do all of the above, submit anyway - it is better that you put it in on time and get timely feedback so as to work on your essay.

You will be assessed on the degree of preparation that your plan indicates, the quality and relevance of your sources, your demonstrated understanding of essay requirements (e.g. argument, structure and referencing) and the clarity of your structure and argument.

A note for when this assignment is returned: quite often, as people research and analyse a topic, they may modify or overhaul their original plan. This is fine: you do not have to adhere to this plan for your final essay, for instance, you are encouraged to read and cite more than those 5 sources.

All university work needs to indicate clearly, and using a set format to do so, whenever another source is being used. This includes: using the wording of another person, paraphrasing or drawing on information and ideas from another source (even if reworded).

You must clearly indicate all references and sources for the material informing your answers. Any material you refer to from written sources, online, or anywhere must be clearly indicated; all of your references should follow the APA style of citation. Your reference list does not count towards your word count.

Draft One