UNI SP4 Study Period 4 2014

WEB101 WK1 M:1 T:1-1.1

Week One Review 🎓 draft

Welcome to my week of reflections for web communications. This week was mostly an introduction to the topics we will studying, in particular Topic 1. The Internet. This week’s reading and activities had me thinking of a username and web presence that would form my online identity for assignment 3. I also tried to investigate how much of a web presence I currently have. Just as a few other students mentioned in the discussion boards, I Googled myself and came across some interesting search results.

There area a couple of famous Katie Balls’ out there, a model from Sydney, a mud wrestler and an American Hogger bikini model (can you see a pattern). I also found way to much information about myself, none of it private, and ask I remember putting on the internet. But I was surprised to find my information on sites I had never seen before. For example my Instagram photos also site on several other photo sharing sites. The Instagram API is easily sealed and developer can make calls to retrieve any of your information they isn’t specifically marked as private. Because my Instagram feed it’s public, any developed using the Instagram API can address my pictures and display them in their site (* as long as it adheres to Instagrams terms and conditions*).

Anyway, back to the main topic of choosing a username. The main goal of the activity was to come up with a name that could be used across several services to create an online presence.

I had never heard of a site called Namechk which checks usernames over a huge (get number kb!) different social networking sites instantly. I found a username, close to my real name but still different enough to be distinguished. I have gone with katiebclick. Katie B being my real name and the clock referred to photography. For assignment 3 my website and web presence will have a photography focus. I was thrilled when ‘katiebclick` was available on a huge number of sites. And even though we didn’t need to sign up, I decided to do it just in case someone stole my awesome 🙆 username.

After completing the activity I wasn’t really surprised at how many social networks there are out there. I admit to having spent quite a bit of time searching the internet and on stock networks both for personal use and for work. What does surprise me is that these types of sites and services are still being created. Is there really any demand for more social networks?

Just another point worth mentioned with namechk ate the false positives. When searching my current user names I found a couple of false positives, but when I searched for katiebclick they didn’t appear to be any. (please note I did not verify every result 😫.

Also need to paste in my bit about my first time in the internet, what I user it for and how that’s changed. think this is for net102?? *****

Week 1 Randomness

“What is a internet anyway”?

This is going to be a little section for my random observations, notes etc from week one. First of I found this funny clip on YouTube. It’s from the Good Morning America tv show, back when the Internet has just started, enjoy.

I also watched 1 a video that our tutors posted a link to about never being able to find a username. I thought it was hysterical (I’m the new subscriber), so true and very well done. So true and very well done. (if you watch the video you will understand why I typed that twice).

Searching through all the social metals I found a really cool site called If This Then That. The name instant caught my attention because of the programming analogy. It is simply the most awesome trying I have ever found (not really, but is still very cool). Here’s the noob description for fellow geeks:

IFTTT is a cloud-based open-ended web workflow creator building on existing social APIs to create more sophisticated distributed aggregated tasks.

And here’s the description for non-techs:

IfThisThenThat lets all your online stuff work together to do way more interesting stuff.

You can save time and automate so many functions. You can do stupid things too, like automatically post a Bitch Alert to Twitter if your Fitbit registers a sleep less that 6 hours, warning your friends to stay away!

  • Go to the website namechk.com
  • If you are already a member of one or more of these sites, perform a search on namechk to see the availability of your existing username on the others.
  • If you aren’t a member of any of these sites, choose a username for yourself and see if it is available for all of the sites and services listed above.

  • Going through the process, have a think about
    • how many different web services there are out there and
    • how many you’re already familiar with.

Username checker


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