When I Was A Kid

Sometimes I was so random.

I Learned

  • Boys have cooties.
  • My 64kB Commodore 64 had superior technology!
  • You should never wake a sleepwalker, the shock can kill them.
  • If you play with a piece of bread for long enough it turns back into dough.
  • Saying "Barley" made you untouchable.
  • Mum's never fart.
  • The cricket fielding position 'silly mid-on' is a bad place to be when playing with the big boys.
  • Santa will not come while you're awake.
  • Nobody ever really gets put on the naughty list.
  • You can get sucked under a train if you stand to close.
  • A bubble gum tree will grow in your belly if you swallow it.

Kid Ideas

  • I wanted to marry my dog (probably not a bad choice).
  • I wanted to be a flying horse, just like Luno.
  • The Tigers are going to win the Grand Final this year (I still suffer from this delusion).
"Oh winged horse of marble white, take me on a magic flight".