Setting Up For New Habits

Today is the day to prepare yourself to start a new habit. So for the next month, starting now, you’re ready to start your new habit. Lets get set up for maximum chances of success.

One thing I’ve learned through years of habit changes is that when people fail, it’s most often because they didn’t prepare and didn’t do the things that help them succeed.

What kinds of things lead to failure? Just starting the habit and expecting to remember and do it without fail. Missing a day and not doing anything to ensure that doesn’t happen again. Putting temptations in front of you if you’re trying to break an old habit. Not getting support from the people around you.

These things very often lead to failure. Let’s look at some ways to set yourself up for success:

Hope that was helpful — these are tips I’ve found to work, and I highly encourage you to take them on today.

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