What's This All About

So i’ve decided to leave the hosting shackles of Go Daddy behind me and set forth upon a journey into open source. Free, stable, fast hosting via GitHub pages is a awesome way to deploy a website. Did I mention it’s free!

So here is where you will find links to all my work, websites, games, projects etc. I also have a notepad/blog kinda thing going. It’s a page for me to collect all the important articles, references, notes etc for development. I wrote about stuff I know, am learning about. It contains a lot of workflow process and links to awesome resources. Some great inspiration and starting points for development. It’s mostly for me use, but it might be handy to others too.

I also have links to my open source projects (click the little rocket 🚀 in there menu. There’s only a few things there now, I still have a lot of work moving all my demos, projects and sites from hosting hell to hosting heaven.

I will be updating and moving off posts and projects off the next month.

I ❤️ Jekyll and GitHub.

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