UNI SP4 Study Period 4 2014

Extra Notes & Reading

Australian Games Report 2014

A report detailing the key findings and overview of gamers in Australia today.

Counting Rupees - Korea bangs

Jeff Engel and Geoff Brooks contribute a column on the business behind gaming."

From identity to identification fixating the fragmented self

Cultural and social theories of identity assume both individual and collective identities to be multiple.

In Games We Trust

Additional reading for essay if handed is chosen subject.

Example Reference List

Example reference list in the APA referencing style.

Essay Plan Example

Assignment 2 NET102 easy play template example.


Citations, references, links and articles.

Referencing - The Rules

As you take ideas and use them in your work, you are expected to acknowledge where you have drawn them from. This is referencing.

The History of The Internet

From 1969 to today, the history of the Internet timeline.

When games invade real life

Games are invading the real world.