What's in a Name?

Ball Surname and Family History

An English and French surname, the Ball family name comes from the Old English term ‘bealla’ which means bald. The term can also refer to an individual of stout built. An Old Norse form of ‘balle’.

Spellings variations for Ball include Balders, Balls and Balle. The German and Dutch form of Ball would be written Bald.

Many early Ball families originated from the Cheshire region of England. The Ball family name spread to Lancashire, Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Warwickshire and into the southern end to Devon county.

The Ball surname covers most of Scotland, especially in the county of Lanarkshire.

The Ball family name is located in most of the United States over the decades. It is concentrated in California, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Ohio and New York.

Famous: Lucille Ball (film, TV comedian and actress), Alan Ball (film writer and director), John Ball (14th century leader of the Peasant’s Revolt), Webb C. Ball (established the first rules for railroad chronometers), Edmund B. Ball (along with his brothers established the Ball Brothers Glass Manufacturing, Ball State University and Ball Memorial Hospital) and Harvey Ross Ball (designed the ‘Smiley’ face 😊).